Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Calming Strategies Coloring Pages
Download our Calming Strategies Coloring Pages

Download our calming strategies coloring pages to print out to use at home! 

Local Resources and Referrals
Local Resources and Referrals

There are many options and service providers available locally. Please visit our partner agency, Wayne County Family and Children First Council for more information.

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Parent Tips

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Tips for Supporting Your Loved One with Mental Illness During the Holiday Season
Tips for Families: Navigating the Holidays With Mental Illness

For individuals with mental illness, the hectic schedules, large and frequent gatherings, expectations, loud noises, and increased visual stimulation that come with the holidays can be very overwhelming.

Recipe for Supporting Yourself & Your Loved Ones
Navigating Addiction Recovery During the Holidays

For individuals in recovery and their loved ones, the holidays can spark a mix of both positive and negative emotions. Feelings are unique and valid, no matter what.