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When we talk about health, we can’t just focus on heart health, or liver health, or brain health, and not whole health. You have to see the whole person, and make use of the tools and resources that benefit minds and bodies together. That’s why this toolkit for everyone, whether or not they have a mental health concern. And if they do, it will give them tools to enhance recovery at any stage of the disease process – and, most especially, before Stage 4.

These tools connect to other MHA resources, too. If you are taking steps to live a healthy lifestyle but still feel like you are struggling with your mental health, visit www.mhascreening.org to check your symptoms. It’s free, confidential, and anonymous. Once you have your results, we now give you customized information especially for you, to help you find tools and resources to feel better.

Also, join MHA this May as we challenge ourselves each day to make small changes – both physically and mentally – to create huge gains for our overall fitness. Visit www.bit.ly/MHAchallenge or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for the challenge of the day and share your successes with us by posting with #4mind4body! 



When Changing Diet is Hard

When Changing Exercise is Hard

When Changing Sleep is Hard

When Managing Stress is Hard



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Suicide Prevention Training

Interested in a Suicide Prevention Training for your staff? Contact us! 

Mental Health First Aid Training

We are happy to provide a comprehensive Mental Health First Aid Training for your staff! Contact us today!