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Wring It Out

Man doing a sit up

Lay on your back, with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor in front of your body. Loosely support the back of your head with your fingertips and let your elbows spread out wide. Curl your heart center upward, so that your head, shoulders and upper back lift away from the floor — but be careful not to pull your head forward or hunch your upper back. You should feel your abdominal muscles contract to hold you up. Get excited about that feeling!
Stay lifted and keep breathing. Every time you breathe out, squeeze your abdominal muscles in and down. In this way, you can start to press and wring out excess fears, concerns and negativity. The more you are able to drive your navel down, while staying light and free in your chest and shoulders, the greater relief you will feel at the end of one minute, when you relax back down to the floor.
—Brought to you by Joie Schmitz of YOGA\VIVRE.