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Winter Warmer

When the weather outside is chilly, we seek the warmth of the indoors, cozy blankets, comfort food, or a hot bath.  There are lots of ways to melt the cold and feel contentment in the winter months, and it’s important to balance the blustery season with some soothing self-care.  Here’s a one-minute warmer that you can do anywhere, anytime this winter:

Take a comfortable seat and close your eyes.  Start with a few calm and deep breaths.  Then, rub the palms of your hands together vigorously for 15-20 seconds.  Notice the heat that you create in your own hands!  Transfer your palms to your face and cup your eyes.  Once you feel the warmth on your face, start to massage around your eye sockets with your palms.  For about 30 seconds, make little circles across your brow line and out to your temples, then down across your cheek bones to the bridge of your nose.  (Take care not to press on the eyes themselves.)  Following this massage, cover your eyes with your hands again, gently.  Softly blink your eyes a few times, behind your cupped palms.  Then, with eyes open, very slowly start to draw your hands away from your face, until your hands come into focus with your vision.  Turn your palms in, so they press together, and pull them up to your heart.