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The practice of picturing perfection is used frequently in sports: athletes visualize themselves in competition, performing at their best and succeeding. Studies have shown that this mental exercise – when done with intense concentration – can actually improve game-time outcomes.

Let’s apply this method to a task or goal you are facing. Before you begin: step away from the computer/phone/TV/all distractions, and sit-up in a chair with a straight back.

For one full minute:
Think of one task or goal you are trying to tackle.
Create a movie in your mind and watch the movie through to the happy ending:
Set the stage, or the location, where this will all pan out.
Include supporting characters, who cooperate to help your land at your goal.
Recruit your senses to fully immerse yourself in the storyline: listen for the sounds, imagine the tastes, detect the smells, and notice the sensations that come up.
Feel the emotions that come up when you visualize yourself working toward the goal, and then conquering the goal.

Try this whenever you are facing a big project, task or issue. Concentrate your mental energy on a positive outcome, then go out and make success your reality.