Twist Out Tension

Tension, tightness and discomfort in your body can easily trigger mental and emotional strain.  A simple, seated twist will help to wash-away physical pain in the back, belly, neck and shoulders – and relieve mental tension too!
Take a cross-legged seat on the floor.
Take a big breath in and fill up the front, back and sides of your ribcage with air.  Your spine will stretch taller!

Keep the spine tall as you exhale and press your tailbone down into the floor.

Take another breath in, and as you release it, without moving your hips, turn from your waist line and look over your right shoulder.  Your shoulders will pivot to the right.  Be sure not to drop your head or round forward.
Stay in this twist for 5 full breaths.  Don’t strain, push or pull.  Your belly should softly move out and in as you inhale and exhale.
Come back through center and take 2 full breaths, sitting tall – proud chest!
On an exhale, twist to the left and stay for 5 juicy breaths.
Finally, come back to center, sit tall and close your eyes.  Feel how this exercise wrings out tension along your spinal column and in your gut.  Acknowledge how this release ripples into the heart and mind as well.  Enjoy your new-found ease.