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True to You

Truth and honesty are widely-accepted morals.  Most of us agree that lying, or presenting false information, or leaving out bits of important information is bad. But, thinking, speaking and acting truthfully can get complicated, for many reasons.  Still, we must always seek to live in truth to find peace.  Today’s mental exercise helps us tap into truth, while maintaining integrity, compassion and harmony with the world around us.
Make a list of your truths: a few beliefs you hold to be real and absolute.  Next to each of those, leave space to consider the following three scenarios:

What I hold true and what I believe in might not align with what you hold true and believe in.  How should we go about maintaining our individual beliefs, respecting one another’s differing opinion and living in harmony?
Do you believe in somethings whole-heartedly, but have a hard time acting in accordance with those thoughts?  Are there gaps in your truths and how can you better align your truths, so that the way you think, speak and act all support your truth?
The world is constantly changing and so are we, as individuals, therefore what is true for us one day might not be true for us the next day.  Are you still holding on to beliefs that aren’t in accordance with your life as it stands today?  How can you “renovate” those outdated truths into ones that make you stronger now?

Being “true to you” is complex, but you know when you are there, because it feels really right.  
—Brought to you by Joie Schmitz & The Joie of Yoga, LLC.