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football on field

Maybe you saw some of the NFL Draft, or heard about the top picks. Maybe football is not your thing.

Either way, there was a golden take-away for all walks of life, from the league’s big event for building teams: Look for the best in every one. Coverage of the team’s selection of players was thoughtfully handled, with the hosts and announcers highlighting what made each person a great pick. Even after the highest-ranked players had been selected and some names that almost no one had heard of before came into question, there was an abundance of positive reinforcement for every individual.

We can apply this to our own lives, right here, right now: The very next person you encounter, take a moment and notice what is great about them. Then, tell them. Let’s choose to see the best in others, starting with one kind thought and a compliment.

Thanks, mom, for bringing my attention to this aspect of the NFL Draft and for always pointing out the positives in every aspect of life!