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Take a Stand.

At first glance, Tadasana (Mountain Pose) may seem simple.  But, when we practice it with proper alignment and engagement, we can feel the meaningful work it does in the body and mind:

Creates sense of grounding and stabilization
Boosts inner strength and confidence
Eases back pain
Improves posture
Strengthens lower body
Reduces flat feet

To practice Tadasana: Layer these actions one on top of the next until everything comes together!

Stand with your feet separated to your hips’ width, all ten toes pointed directly forward
Softly bend your knees, so that you can press your legs more strongly into the floor
Further engage your legs by squeezing all of the muscles toward the bones
Shift your focus to your upper, inner thighs: use your legs’ strength to roll them inward toward one another.  Make sure your knees did not lock with this action.
Point your tailbone down and tilt it slightly in toward your body.  You may feel how this lengthens your low back and strengthens your low belly.  Keep all of these actions…
Breathe in deeply and fill up your abdomen, lungs and chest.  Keep a sense of inner lift even as you exhale.  Let every breath you take make you feel light and bright.
Allow your arms to hang by your sides, but turn the palms so they face forward.  Spread your fingers and energize your arms.  Take the upper arm bones back to make more space to lift and open your chest.
Press the tops of your shoulders away from your ears
Make your neck longer on all sides
Lift from the crown of your head to grow even taller.
Stand proudly in your pose and let big, full breaths expand your energy in all directions.