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Step out of Stiffness

woman standing while stretching beside brown leafed trees

Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am stiff in some parts of my body until I try to move or stretch them. Some dynamic movement can increase circulation, reduce rigidity in the muscles, lubricate the joints, and bring an overall feeling of ease to the body. Notice how your legs feel before, during and after this simple exercise.

Bend your knees and flower your upper body into a half fold. Make sure to lengthen your spine and avoid rounding in your back. Place your hands on the floor (if it is within reach) or on the seat of a chair (if your hamstrings are tight or you have any back pain). Step your right leg back into a lunge position while bending into your left knee. Check that your left knee is not pointing out ahead of the left foot. Re-lengthen your spine and roll your shoulders back. — Now step your feet together again, and repeat the lunge with the left leg stepping back this time. Alternate stepping one leg back, and then the other leg back at a pace that moves quickly but does not cause you to hunch in your back or put undue pressure on your spine. 

This isn’t a long, deep stretch; but it is another way of bringing freedom to your body.

—Brought to you by Joie Schmitz of YOGA\VIVRE.