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Spine Stretch Stress Stopper

“Cat-Cow” is a gentle flow between two yoga postures that stretches and strengthens the spinal column, stimulates abdominal organs and relieves mental and emotional stress.  Try it today and take note of the connection between physical movement and mental flexibility!
Come to all fours (resting on hands and knees) on the floor.  Firm your belly in, as though you are hooking your belly button onto your spine — keep that energetic connection as you move through the flow.

Inhale and tilt your chin & tailbone upward.  You will create a bow in the spine.  This is cow pose.
Exhale and tuck your chin toward your chest and round your back.  You will create an arch in the spine.  This is cat pose.
Slowly and carefully alternate between these two positions as you breathe, making sure to fully inhale as you move into cow and completely exhale as you move into cat.

After 1 minute, pause at the place in the very middle of these two poses – a long, straight spine from the tailbone through the neck.  When you rise up, you might feel more ease in your back, neck, hips… and mind!