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“The first and foremost question is: ‘Who am I?’  Everything else comes later.  Self-discovery is the root of all actions, all duties.  First, know your own inner self.”
-From The Splendor of Recognition by Swami Shantananda
Spend one minute today getting to know your own inner self a little better.  You can ask yourself:

Who am I, at the core of my being?
What is my true nature?
What is my calling in life?

Think through these questions one at a time, and take your time with each. Really try to break through the surface of your own being.  Look past your personality traits and genetics, and drop all ideas of who you think you should be and forget about any perceptions others may have of you.  Behind all of that is where authentic Self-Discovery happens.
You may choose to write down the thoughts that come up, and give yourself the opportunity to revisit them later.  You may not get very far or come up with any answers in one minute, and that’s ok.  These are big questions and Self-Discovery is a huge task.  But, when we take things minute-by-minute and give ourselves the freedom to explore internally, we’ve already achieved a state of mindfulness that will support us on the path of Self-Discovery.