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Seize the Day!

I am just returning from a trip to Greece and Italy with my family. It was amazing, and I am endlessly grateful for this and every opportunity I have had to see the world. Traveling makes me feel more connected to other people, to history, to LIFE. Traveling makes me more mindful.

On this, most recent, trip, we were with a tour guide who set the itinerary. Not a minute was spared in the schedule. (The same day that we landed in Athens, we visited the Panathenaic Olympic Stadium, The Parthenon, Zeus’ Temple, Hadrian’s Arch, saw the Changing of the Guard at the Parliament building, and roamed the streets and squares in modern parts of the city…. Before we ever checked into our hotel.) Even our transit time between landmarks was filled with ancient history and Greek language lessons. We truly made the most of each day, immersing ourselves in every opportunity to seek out beauty, explore something new, understand a culture built on long, complex storylines.

It was easy to “carpe diem” when there was so much to discover. We were motivated to keep moving and exploring by the idea that this was something really special, something we couldn’t do just every day.

In reality, it is the other way around! Even on the most ordinary of days, if we get up and get going with a “seize the day” mindset, we create the world’s beauty, we write cultural stories, we build history.