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Routines & Rituals, Habits & Patterns

Every morning when I wake up, I…
On Saturdays, I like to…
… is something I do all of the time.

Our days are composed of rituals, routines, habits and patterns.  These can be important to our wellness: providing motivation, setting a positive tone for the day, and helping to structure our lives in meaningful ways.  They can be a means taking care of ourselves.  And, they form who we are as individuals.  — Will Durant said, “We are what we repeatedly do.”
Take a moment today to think through and even write down the routines and rituals you perform on a daily or weekly basis.  Note: Which ones serve you?  Does any one feel like a burden?  Do you have a routine of personal, self-care?  What do you wish you could do on a regular basis?

Honor and enjoy the constructive routines and patterns in your life; be grateful for the comfort the provide; commit to turning good habits into sacred rituals.