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Rock & Roll


This little movement can make crazy, chaotic days more calm.  It can give you a sense of support.  And, it can help you access deeper breaths, which are associated with reduced stress and anxiety. — It is essentially a back massage!
Lay on the floor and hug your knees into your chest.  Wrap you arms around your legs, so that you curl into a tight ball.  Take a few breaths here and notice how you can feel your breath in your belly and in your back.  Keep breathing deeply as you start to gently roll side to side a few times: right side of your back to left side of your back.  Then rock front to back several times: up to your seat and back down to your shoulder blades.  Even try combining the side-to-side motion with the front-to back-motion and create a circular roll with your back supported by the floor.  Make sure to draw your circle the other direction as well.  Take note of any sore or tight spots and softly rock back-and-forth over them, to soothe them away.
After a minute, sit up tall and breathe into your back body.  Feel the freedom you’ve created with a little good old fashioned rock & roll.