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Ray of Light Meditation

Find a quiet spot to sit.
Close your eyes.  Shield all external light with the curtain of your eyelids.  Be ok with the darkness.
Begin to imagine the flickering light of a candle flame at the point between the eyebrows in your skull.
Breathe deeply.
Visualize the flame growing larger and brighter until it becomes like the sun – brilliant and powerful.
Feel the breath intensify with the overwhelming gleam of the sun inside you.
Allow this sun, your sun, to radiate beams of light in all directions.  It shines onto a path in front of you, onto others around you, and deeply into your self.  The rays illuminate you from the inside out and give a glow to everything around you.  Give thanks for the light within.
Breathe into the fullness of the light.  Fan the flame with the roundness of your inhales and exhales.
Keep your light on as you open your eyes.  Continue to see yourself and everything around you aglow with the radiance that you emit.