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Put Yourself in Position to Prosper

You can dream big and set goals for personal growth.  You can imagine a perfect day.  You can take aim at all the things you want to accomplish in life.  But, you have to put yourself in position to realize and actualize those ideals.

Take a seat for a short meditation.  Make sure you can sit-up tall and be comfortable.  Close your eyes.  

Envision yourself on a tennis court.  You are standing behind the baseline, at the back of the court, calmly, but intently surveying the space in front of you.  You’re firmly holding a racquet in your hands, directly in front of your heart.  Your breath is steady.  You are poised and ready to play.

The game moves in slow motion.  You see the ball soaring over the net to your side of the court, so you put yourself in position to meet it.  You arrive at a spot on the court behind the ball, so that it has time to land - then bounce - right up to your ready racquet.  You simply had to be in the right place at the right time to connect your shot.  And, that took seeing the big picture - the whole court - first.  Then. it took moving to the ball and putting your racquet in the trajectory of the bounce.  
Just like this tennis visualization, can you visualize putting yourself in position to meet and receive the things that are important to your prosperity in life?