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Make Like a Tree…

Tree Pose is a standing balance that requires a quiet and steady mind.

Stand tall with two feet planted firmly in the floor (barefoot is best!)  Press your two palms together in front of your chest.  Channel a sense of balance and your body and mind.  Fix your eyes on a single, unmoving point in front of you.
Shift weight into your right foot to balance on one leg.  Slowly bring the sole of your left foot to the inside of your right ankle or calf.  Your left knee will point out to the side, but the rest of your body will still face forward.
As you balance on your right leg for 30 seconds, imagine yourself as a tree:

Visualize roots growing out of the sole of your foot and down into the ground to anchor you.
Make your body strong like the trunk of a tree.
Stretch your arms overhead like branches reaching for sunlight above the forest canopy.
Some wind in your branches may cause you to sway, but remember your roots and solid trunk, and enjoy the dance.

Do the same steps on the other leg.
Finish with 3 full, deep breaths with both feet on the floor.