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Kindness Starts Inside

person holding red and white practice kindness sticker

There is a lot of buzz about self-care currently. The wellness world keeps offering up new ways for us to soothe from the outside - in. Rituals, massages, oils, tonics, crystals and baths all feel really nice, and can certainly have a positive impact on our state of mind. But real self-care, self-love, self-acceptance — feeling good in your own skin — starts on the inside. When we are able to see the beauty in our own hearts, expressing that beauty and love becomes much easier.

Consider this “Kindness Prompt” from “Part of the reason why we jump so readily to dark conclusions about other people, and see plots to insult and harm us, is a rather poignant psychological phenomenon: self-hatred. The less we like ourselves, the more we appear in our own eyes as plausible targets for mockery and harm. That is why being kind must first involve learning to be kind to oneself.

Be kind to yourself today.

—Brought to you by Joie Schmitz of YOGA\VIVRE.