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Keep Your Heart Open

Valentine’s Day is over, but let’s keep the love flowing!  Here’s a simple yoga practice to encourage a wide-open heart:

Grab a small pillow and roll it into a cylinder shape, or use a yoga block.
Lie down on your back with the pillow or block underneath you, directly behind the center of your chest.  (You should be able to comfortably rest your head back toward the floor in this position.  If you can’t, adjust the prop beneath you either further up or down your back.)
Stretch your legs out straight and relax your whole body.
Start with your right hand holding your heart, and your left hand on top of the right.

For approximately 30 seconds, feel the warmth and support of your hands around your heart space.

Then, slowly stretch your arms out wide, so you create a letter “t” shape with your body.  Turn your palms to face the sky.

For about 30 seconds, feel the openness and expansiveness in your heart.

Stay open to giving and receiving love!