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Instant Classic

Music enhances our lives: The type of song, the notes, the rhythm and the lyrics can cheer us up when we are down, or soothe us when we are stressed.  For thousands of years, music has been played at important ceremonies and celebrations, across cultures.  Our children learn letters and language through song.  We listen to music in the car; it is played overhead in nearly every store; it plays a major role in movies; music even weaves itself into the stands at sporting events.
Music can be a great tool for meditation too.  By focusing your mind on sound, disruptive thoughts fade into the background.  Today, select a piece of Classical music - on the radio, through YouTube, or from your own music collection.  Sit or lie down with your eyes closed and body relaxed.  Zone IN to the music.  Listen to each note, the fluctuations in the song.  Absorb the sound into your body and let the tones and vibrations seep deep into your consciousness.  
When the song ends, take your time opening your eyes and noticing how you feel.