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A Holiday Approach - From the Heart

We often think of the holiday season as a time to come together, a time of excitement and celebration, and a time of giving.  At face-value, that is all very lovely.  This time of year has the potential to be the most wonderful.
A deeper awareness may reveal that this time of year can also be the most difficult — the cold, grey weather and dark skies can dampen our energy; the race to wrap things up by the end of the calendar year leaves us frantic; even holiday festivities like parties and gatherings and gift-giving can feel depleting if they are forced or over-shadowed by pressure. 
The good news is, we can enjoy the holidays, come together in community, create a sense of accomplishment for what we have done this year, and feel totally nourished and supported if we bring our vital essence into everything we do.  
When we approach decisions about what to gift each person on our list from our heart-space, rather than from our heads, we let out some of the pressure.  When we gather at a party and take time to have a real connection and conversation with someone, we eatables ourselves in community with one another. 

Sit comfortably, with a tall spine.  Take a moment to mentally relax your shoulders, your abdomen and your face.  Acknowledge your breath.  
Make a fist with your right hand and rest it at your heart-center.  Wrap your left have overtop of your right fist.  Where you feel the power of your hands at your heart is the seat of your vital essence.  Breathe there.  Give yourself the gift of your own, solitary presence and the space to feel what is in your own heart.