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Go a different route.

This week, when you go to work, or the grocery store, or school, or the gym, or the coffee shop – anywhere you go on a regular basis – take a different route.  Drive on different roads.  Find another way to end up at your destination.  It might not be as quick or as direct as the route you are used to, but that is ok.  As a matter of fact, that’s the point!
When we switch up our routines, we open ourselves to new experiences.  Literally, life becomes more about the journey than the destination!  And sometimes these tiny shifts in our daily lives can make big impacts.  We slow down and take notice of what’s around us.  We gain fresh perspectives from our new place of observance.  We approach every-day events with more open-mindedness and mindFULLness, acceptance, patience and zeal.
Even if you don’t feel like life needs a boost right now, try it.  Especially if you are a creature of habit, try it.