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Eye Gazing

Partner-up for today’s exercise!  You’ll need two sets of eyes to try this out.
Take a comfortable seated position in a chair or on the floor, facing your partner.  You can sit close — knees nearly touching, but no physical contact.  (We’re going to make a more subtle, but perhaps more powerful kind of connection!)
Lock eyes with your partner.  Try not to look up, down, or away.  Keep your vision focused entirely on the eyes across from you.  Keep your mind focused on your locked gaze.  
Allow yourself to open up and truly be seen by your partner.  Resist the urge to react to any feelings that may arise - anxiety, self-consciousness and distractions can all be read on your face.  Stay neutral and calm.  
Give your partner the gift of truly feeling seen.  Gaze without judgment or mental dialogue.  Hold a calm and neutral space for him/her to open up in.
Both of you can sit and be, mouths and minds silent, and behold the power of pure presence.

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