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Elephant Breaths

This simple breathing exercise is invigorating!  Try it when you are feeling a little sluggish or in need of a shot of energy in the middle of the day.
To start:

Find an open area where you have room to swing your arms.
Stand upright with your feet 8-12 inches apart and bend your knees.
Interlace your hands in front of you and let your arms hang down.

As you inhale:

Swing your arms up overhead, like an elephant’s trunk.
Feel the arms, chest and belly stretch as you breathe in fresh air.

As you exhale:

Fold at your hips and let your upper body, arms and head swing down between your legs.
Feel your back, neck and legs stretch as you forcefully breathe out the stale air.

Repeat the swinging motions up and down for one minute.  Keep your knees bent the entire time, and relax your body so that you aren’t holding tension.  Allow your body movements and your breath to synchronize.  As you find a rhythm, make the swings and the breaths bigger and bigger!  To end, take a few moments standing upright and breathing slowly in and out through your nose — notice how you feel!