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To Do List

Goals II
[This is part two of a three-part exercise.  Check out last week’s post, if you missed it, before tackling this exercise.] 
Part 2: Do you keep a daily to-do list?  What’s on it today?  Do you have a full schedule?  Where are your obligations taking you today?  Look closely at how you are spending your time.  Be honest with yourself.  Try to quantify how much time you are spending on various aspects of your life: work, personal, spiritual, service, family, friends, hobbies, habits, new ventures, past successes.  Where is your focus?  What are you putting effort toward each day? 
Think it through, and maybe even draw a pie chart - the things you send the most time on today get assigned the biggest slice of the pie.  Make sure you have this and your long-term goal list on-hand next Monday for the final part of this exercise!