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Beginner’s Mind

When life becomes routine and we go about our days in accordance with expectations rather than pursuing explorations, we aren’t being mindful.  Mindfulness is the opposite of auto-pilot.  In auto-pilot, our days blend together, food tastes bland, our bodies and minds feel numb, and the world lacks color and dimension.  Living mindfully, we see, feel, taste, think, speak and act with more definition, clarity and depth.
Today, practice approaching everything you do with a beginner’s mind — as though this was the first time you’ve ever done something.  When you wash your face, imagine that you are feeling water for the first time. If you send an email, craft it with the attention to detail that you would if you were just learning the process. When you step outside into nature, let the environment wrap around you.  What do you notice when you turn off auto-pilot and explore your own life with more curiosity and wonder?