Be the Rainbow

Take a comfortable, cross-legged seat on the floor. Feel the lift and structure of your spine and the suppleness of your skin and muscles. Close your eyes and allow your imagination to take over!
Visualize your whole body glowing red. Picture yourself — the way you are seated, the expression on your face, the space you hold — drenched in the color red. 
Begin to expand your aura. Add a layer of orange to your being. Again, notice with your mind’s eye the colors that cover and surround you. Continue slowly adding layers of color to your field of energy, one at a time — yellow, green, blue, violet, and finally a layer of clear, bright, white light. Pause between the layers to appreciate the beauty of each color that encompasses you and the energy that expands out from your body through all your layers of color. 
When you’ve placed your final, white layer, linger a while in your breath and mentally gaze at the brilliant rainbow that starts with you, ends with you and holds you in this moment.