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We all have abundance in some form.  Some area of our lives is rich and full and shining with splendor.
On the other hand, we all have spaces in our lives where we feel something is lacking.  We wish for more and believe that if we have more, we will be happy.
Often, we focus more on what we feel we lack than what we know we have.  We spend time and energy trying to compensate for what’s missing so we can fill a void.  Mentally, we can get stuck in this void and lose sight of the bounty in our lives – the things that support and sustain us.
Today, shift your mental energy out of a space of insufficiency and into a flourishing garden of abundance.  Focus on the strongest attributes of your Self, the richness of your relationships, the things that light you up on the inside.  Amplify the world around you by seeing everything through a lens of abundance.