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Gratitude not Greed

This time of year, one can easily be swept-up in the whirlwind of gift giving and receiving.  So, the key to staying on the mindful path might just be to let gratitude instead of greed guide us.  
Take a moment today and think of all of the gifts you’ve asked for or have been quietly eyeing this season.  For each item that comes to mind, think of one thing you currently own and have deep gratitude for.  
Giving and receiving gifts are beautiful ways to celebrate this season, as long as we stay grounded in gratitude and not lured off the path by greed.

It's Up to Us

It’s up to Us
Breathe out: Frustration | Breathe in: Acceptance
Breathe out: Nervous Energy | Breathe in: Constructive Energy
Breathe out: Anger | Breathe in: Delight
Breathe out: Sadness | Breathe in: Joy
Breathe out: Jealousy | Breathe in: Contentment
Breathe out: Anxiety | Breathe in: Peace
Breathe out: Struggle | Breathe in: Strength
Breathe out: Negativity | Breathe in: Open-mindedness
Breathe out: Confusion | Breathe in: Clarity
Breathe out: Barriers | Breathe in: Inclusivity 

Let It Go

We all have things from the past that consciously or sub-consciously weigh us down. Sometimes we cling to the "good old days," and we long to go back to the way things were. Some of us have drifted apart from, or had a falling out with, an important person in our lives, and not a day goes by that we don't think of him/her. Others of us put old conversations on replay inside our minds, analyzing every detail of what was said and the undertones that stirred up our thoughts and emotions.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog is a popular and widely-practiced yoga pose.  It has a long list of benefits, including: soothing headaches, easing anxiety and mild depression, clearing the sinuses, and energizing the mind and body.  Plus, in this pose, you’ll gain new perspective from an upside-down vantage point!  It’s the perfect way to mentally reset in the middle of the day.


Daily obligations to your family, kids, job, etc. can often get priority over simple self-care practices.  But, in order to effectively balance and execute all of your responsibilities to others, you have to fuel yourself!  Take one minute (or more!) today to do something on your own that makes you feel great — take a bath, read a book, journal, go for a walk.  It can be anything, as long as it gives you time to just be with yourself and focus on you.  

Instant Classic

Music enhances our lives: The type of song, the notes, the rhythm and the lyrics can cheer us up when we are down, or soothe us when we are stressed.  For thousands of years, music has been played at important ceremonies and celebrations, across cultures.  Our children learn letters and language through song.  We listen to music in the car; it is played overhead in nearly every store; it plays a major role in movies; music even weaves itself into the stands at sporting events.

Curiosity Quest

Albert Einstein said, “I have no special talents.  I am only passionately curious.”  
Curiosity keeps the world moving forward.  In grand scale, it can set off a chain of exploration, discovery, and invention.  On a personal level, it can lead you down a different path where untapped potential lies in wait for you.  Knowledge, talents, adventures - knowing your truest self - are all yours if you are curious enough to seek them and brave enough to venture into uncharted waters.  

Calm Currents

Find a flat surface where you can comfortably lie down on your back.  Completely relax your entire body and tune in to your breath.  Notice how your can feel the breath in your body when you focus your mind on it.