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Mental Health

Kindness Starts Inside

There is a lot of buzz about self-care currently. The wellness world keeps offering up new ways for us to soothe from the outside - in. Rituals, massages, oils, tonics, crystals and baths all feel really nice, and can certainly have a positive impact on our state of mind. But real self-care, self-love, self-acceptance — feeling good in your own skin — starts on the inside. When we are able to see the beauty in our own hearts, expressing that beauty and love becomes much easier.

Step out of Stiffness

Sometimes I don’t even realize that I am stiff in some parts of my body until I try to move or stretch them. Some dynamic movement can increase circulation, reduce rigidity in the muscles, lubricate the joints, and bring an overall feeling of ease to the body. Notice how your legs feel before, during and after this simple exercise.

How to recognize substance abuse warning signs — and where to find help

Addiction doesn’t discriminate. It affects people of all ages and from all walks of life. Our mission at the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Wayne & Holmes Counties is to provide leadership, support, and funding to community partners and agencies in the delivery of mental health and addiction prevention, treatment, and recovery services. If you or someone you care about is showing warning signs of substance abuse, it’s important to seek an evaluation and treatment as soon as possible.